Case Studies

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“There are two ways to make decisions: based on what you think you know and based on what’s really happening. Yoghurt Digital ended all discussion about what we thought we knew about how our website was being used and started a real conversation based on reality. Couple that with personal service and a team you can trust – and you’ve got Yoghurt.”

Sarah Mathews, Marketing and Communications - Barnados Australia

“Yogurt Digital are amongst the smartest digital marketing folk in the industry, and I have worked with a fair few in my career. I am so impressed by their attention to detail, their proactive approach and their ability to communicate your digital strategy in any way that suits your business.”

Jemma Caprioli, Director of Marketing - Dashing Print

“Yoghurt helped rescue our PPC campaigns, getting it back into a really healthy position and we’re currently discussing how they can help support our efforts with CRO. They were great to work with and refreshingly candid.”

Gavin Merriman, Head of Digital - Nude by Nature