Focused on Conversions

Australia's leading camera retailer tapped Yoghurt to grow online revenue.
We delivered:
103 % conversion rate increase
138 % increase in transactions
139 % increase in revenue

The Project

Founded in the 1970's, Ted's Cameras is Australia's oldest and most-recognised camera retailer, with over 20 stores nationally.
Ted's Cameras first approached Yoghurt with the aim of increasing their web presence and improving the online experience for their customers. Being a well established bricks and mortar business, the team at Ted’s were looking to invest more heavily in the growth of their online business. They wanted to cement their spot in the online space as Australia’s largest camera retailer - just as they had done offline.

The Result

Mapping out the user journey was key to growing revenue

The website, while rich in functionality, also had many different calls-to-action and pushed various conversion types. We believed this was causing confusion for website visitors, and a lack of clarity throughout the purchase funnel is a key driver in websites with low conversion rates.

We went through a customer behaviour research process, spending two months gathering and analysing data from heatmaps, session recordings, user tests, exit surveys, customer surveys, user flows, conversion funnels and analytics. We mapped out the entire customer purchase journey as well as common behavioural patterns that needed to be addressed in the website’s overall user experience.

The insights we gleaned were used to construct an ongoing A/B testing strategy. We left no stone unturned, testing an entirely new design for website’s header section, the navigation bar, the mega-menu, the home page layout, the design of the category and product pages, as well as a few tweaks to the checkout process.

While we were testing, we also took over management of Ted’s Camera’s AdWords account. We used the research piece as a foundation for a complete rebuild of the account, overhauling the entire keyword list, ad creative, landing page selection and general bidding strategy. The analysis we had completed also seemed to highlight several key growth areas, and we wanted to pivot the focus of the account to those areas. It took us a full month to rebuild and relaunch the AdWords account.

While the performance improvement of the AdWords account was felt within several weeks, the outcomes of the A/B testing strategy took slightly longer. While most of the tests were beating their original version in a controlled environment, it wasn’t until many of them had been permanently implemented that we saw the complete impact of our recommendations. But with the combination of the usability and design changes being implemented and the improvement in traffic quality from paid search, we saw dramatic increases in performance for the Ted’s website.

“We’ve been working with Yoghurt Digital for almost a year now and have been very impressed with every aspect of their work. They have unlimited enthusiasm for online search and conversion rate optimisation. I am continually impressed with their work ethic, communication and passion for our account. They are fantastic to work with and have achieved great results in the short time they’ve been working with us.”
Grant Tildsley, eCommerce & Sales Manager