Website Design and Development

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for an update, we can help you build a website that connects with your customers.

Tailor Made for Your Business

We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we’ll build a website that’s tailored to your business needs. We’ll put in the work to find a solution that fits your needs and meets your customers’ expectations, so we can build a site that’s as individual as your business.

Customer-Centric Design

User experience is our passion, and we want to make sure your website is built with your customers in mind. Our designs are focused on connecting with your customers and giving them a great experience.

Built Right the First Time

We’ll help you set your site up for success. We understand that a great looking site is meaningless if it doesn’t work properly. We’ll make sure your site is secure, optimised for mobile, and easy for your customers to navigate.

Website Design and Development FAQs

Yoghurt Digital is proficient in industry-leading platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and Drupal. We assess factors like your business model, projected traffic, required features, scalability, and future growth plans to pinpoint the optimal platform tailored to your requirements.

Prioritising mobile responsiveness and user-centricity, we employ a combination of in-depth UX research and best practices. Our designs fluidly adapt to any device size, ensuring a consistent user experience. The emphasis is always on simplicity, intuitive navigation, strategic placement of calls-to-action, and speed, facilitating users in achieving their goals swiftly and efficiently.

Website project timelines are determined by the website's scale, complexity, custom features, and client feedback turnaround. While smaller projects may span a few weeks, larger, more intricate platforms can take several months. We ensure a transparent process, keeping our clients informed at every stage.

We deploy robust security measures such as SSL encryption, DDoS protection, secure hosting solutions, and frequent software updates. Our commitment doesn't end at launch. We present post-launch support options, including maintenance packages, and offer hands-on training sessions to empower clients with fundamental website management skills.

Certainly! Beyond our core web design services, we have a team specialised in content creation, from SEO-optimised copywriting to professional photography. Recognising the power of integration, we seamlessly connect third-party tools, be it CRM systems, email marketing platforms, or advanced analytics, ensuring your website functions as a dynamic hub for your business operations.

Our approach to design and development is inherently future-focused. By staying abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, we create scalable websites that can effortlessly accommodate additional features and integrations. This forward-thinking methodology ensures your website remains agile, adaptable, and aligned with the digital evolution.

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