Google Shopping Ads

No matter the size of your business, our tailored Google Shopping campaigns are designed to fuel your growth. Turn the Google online marketplace experience into a profitable venture with Yoghurt Digital, a leading Google Shopping Ads agency. Every dollar spent with us is a step toward success.

Google Shopping Ads - What Are They?

Google Shopping Ads are the closest you can get to physically shopping at a real store. These dynamic ads allow online retailers to showcase their products directly in Google search results, displaying product images, prices, and store information. They enable visitors to compare prices and make informed decisions. As your go-to Google Shopping Ads agency, our Search Engine Marketing strategies are poised to help you make the most of this powerful platform.

How Google Shopping Ads Boost Results

Delivering more conversions than simple text ads, Google Shopping Ads can dramatically increase visibility, click-through rates, and sales for your online store. Yoghurt Digital's expertise ensures your Google Shopping Ads are optimised for maximum return on investment, targeting users ready to purchase and tailoring strategies to your unique business.

A Full-Service Google Shopping Ads Agency

Yoghurt Digital stands out as a full-service Google Shopping Ads agency, offering the following services to ensure success:

  • Client immersion workshop

    Understanding your product, service, offering, and competitor landscape.

  • Google Merchant Centre creation

    Easy setup and linking to Google Adwords.

  • Product data feed creation

    Syncing data from your retailer website.

  • Ongoing optimisation

    Continual monitoring and adjustments to maximise ROI.

Google Shopping Campaign Creation and Bidding

Google Shopping Campaign creation can be done directly from Google Merchant Centre or Google Adwords. At Yoghurt Digital, we recommend product segmentation if you have products with different profit potentials. We'll help you set bids according to the priority of products or profit margin, assuring maximum revenue through optimal bidding.

Our approach aligns with your brand's goals, combining in-depth competitor study, granular analysis, and custom-fit strategies. We handle everything from product feed optimisation to bid management, ensuring your products reach the right audience at the right time.

Google Shopping FAQs

SLaunching a Google Shopping campaign with us is straightforward. We manage every aspect, from setting up the Google Merchant Centre to fine-tuning your product data feed for optimal visibility and conversions.

Google Shopping Ads cater perfectly to businesses retailing products online, spotlighting them directly in Google search outcomes. These ads amplify product visibility, elevate click-through rates, and surge sales by enhancing users' shopping experiences through immediate price comparisons, product visuals, and store details.

Google Shopping Ads showcase products with images, prices, and store specifics, whereas standard search ads feature only text and links. The cost of Google Shopping Ads varies based on product category competitiveness, bidding amounts, and product feed quality. Our team ensures transparent pricing aligned with your business goals.

The Google Merchant Centre is a pivotal platform where product details for Google Shopping Ads are stored, including visuals, prices, and descriptions. It's essential as it manages your product data, determining how items appear within the ads and ensuring precise, enticing listings.

We equip you with detailed analytics and frequent performance summaries, tracking vital metrics like click-through rates and conversion percentages. Should any concerns arise with your product data feed, we're on hand to rectify them swiftly, guaranteeing optimal ad functioning.

Yes, Google Shopping Ads can be run in multiple countries. However, you'll need to ensure your product data feed complies with the requirements of each country where your ads will be displayed.

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