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The challenge

Yoghurt Digital partnered with Ted's Cameras to address user concerns regarding their website's homepage. Extensive user research revealed that the homepage felt cluttered, mainly due to redundant elements, particularly in the header section. The primary challenge involved striking a balance between promotional content and navigational elements, all while ensuring a personalised and pertinent experience for returning users.

  • Understanding what overwhelmed users on the homepage.
  • Determining how to balance promotions with navigational features.
  • Incorporating personalisation to enhance user relevance and engagement.

Our approach

Yoghurt Digital employed a comprehensive research-driven strategy to address the identified challenges. The research revealed that users desired a homepage that prioritised functionality over sales. Based on this insight, we hypothesised that a restructured homepage would lead to enhanced user engagement and, consequently, more purchases. We developed two distinct design variations:

  • Premium Feel Version: This design balanced promotions and functions, providing a clean layout and introducing personalisation modules for "Recently viewed items" and "Recently viewed Categories".
  • Alternative Layout: A distinct design approach so that we could understand the nuances of what would engage users the best, e.g. would tabbed information work better or would accordions?

Our Results

After rigorous A/B testing and evaluation, Ted's Cameras implemented the recommended changes, witnessing a remarkable improvement in user engagement and sales. Yoghurt Digital's strategic approach and commitment to enhancing user experience played a pivotal role in achieving this success.

  • Personalisation: Incorporating modules for recently viewed items and categories enhanced relevance for returning users.
  • Clean Design: The decluttered designs and enlarged hero banners increased user engagement significantly.
  • Structural Changes: The introduction of Variation 1 proved the most effective, resulting in a 28% rise in guiding users into the sales funnel and a 51% increase in completed purchases.
  • Revenue Boost: The significant user engagement uplift resulted in an additional $632K revenue per month.

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