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Turning the tide for Australia’s iconic swimwear brand

The Challenge

Established in 2000 as Australia’s leading Premium Swimwear brand, Tigerlily has evolved to deliver the ultimate Holiday Edit wardrobe all-year-round; designed to take you away at home or abroad for any occasion. Each collection is aspirational but accessible for women who love summer, the beach and share a youthful curiosity for exploring new things.

With a mix of 26 retail boutique and global distribution, Tigerlily came to us with two core challenges:

  1. Their stockists were bidding on their brand name and offering better USPs, thereby reducing the likelihood of consumers buying from Tigerlily directly. This didn’t just eat into their profit margins, but had a broader impact by reducing traffic and revenue through their digital channels.
  2. Their brand awareness was shrinking in the market, which was being reflected in steep decline in search volume across pure brand terms. Given that branded terms are traditionally strong revenue drivers, a major drop in impressions and traffic across these keywords has a massive flow-on effect.

Our Approach

Our initial audits and analysis determined that pure brand terms were declining due to there having been almost no top-of-funnel activity for well over a year. Without any focus being put into acquiring new customers, the active customer pool shrunk as competition in the market increased and pricing became more competitive. As a result of this, fewer people were searching for and buying from Tigerlily.

So despite strict ROAS targets, we made it clear that in order for their paid channels to play their role effectively and drive an increase in website revenue, the entire paid media strategy would need to be reworked. It was the only way to improve brand awareness and start growing the customer pool again.

We rebuilt their entire Google Ads account from scratch, placing a strong emphasis on generic terms, shopping campaigns, and working closely with their in-house paid social expert to ensure cross-channel integration. The result was actually an overall improvement in ROAS - despite the new focus on generic keywords - and increases in revenue not just from the paid channels, but across all of their digital channels.

I've now worked with Yoghurt at three separate brands (Seafolly, M.J. Bale and Tigerlily), and I'm always impressed at their ability to have an immediate impact. Whether it's paid media, CRO or SEO, if results are what you're after, the team at Yoghurt is the one to deliver. That's why they're always my first phone call.

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