Google Analytics 4 Implementation

Google Analytics 4, the next generation of Analytics, collects event-based data from both websites and apps; GA4 is a new kind of property designed for the future of measurement.

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Track custom events, measure critical actions and create a compelling online strategy. Gain a complete picture of your online presence and take positive steps to grow your business. With Yoghurt Digital at the helm, leverage GA4 and take your online performance to the next level!

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Stay competitive by migrating to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) before the 1 July 2023 deadline! Gain valuable customer insights and track custom events to refine your online strategy. Act now and make the switch to GA4!

Benefits of Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4, the next generation of Analytics, collects event-based data from both websites and apps; GA4 is a new kind of property designed for the future of measurement.

GA4 in a Nutshell


Powerful Custom Reports

Explorations allow you to build powerful custom reports, explore your data, and get your desired answers.

GA4 in a Nutshell


Audience Triggers

When a visitor enters an audience, GA4 can be configured to generate an event automatically, which you can mark as a conversion.


Detailed Events

In GA4, you can append parameters to certain events to provide extra data on where and how they triggered a specific event.


Ad Hoc Funnels

Build and apply funnels to your collected data. You can even use events to create funnels.


Data-Driven Attribution

Attribution assigns credit for conversions to different ads, clicks, and factors along a user’s path to completing a conversion. The attribution model decides which traffic source gets the credit for the conversion.


Automated Insights

GA4 has built-in insights to help you analyse and understand the data without reviewing all the numbers.

Yoghurt’s GA4 Service Tubs

All of our services are customisable based on budget and time requirements.

  • GA4 Installation and Audits

    Accurate tracking, configuration, custom tracking, marketing channels, and eCommerce setup (if applicable). Receive a detailed report, proposed fixes, and technical guidelines, with implementation available for a small fee.

  • GA4 Tag Plan

    We assist with GA4 Implementation by creating a Tag Plan and setting up tags, triggers, and variables in Google Tag Manager. Our team may collaborate with your developers to ensure accurate data is sent to GA4.

  • GA4 Training

    Enhance your GA4 skills with our Training workshop, covering event types, GA4 UI navigation, audience building, key reports, and troubleshooting. Let us help elevate your GA4 implementation!

  • Customised Assistance

    We also offer Integration Assistance, Custom Reports, Custom Audiences, Integrations with essential tools such as AdWords, Conversions & Events, Custom Dimensions, and Property set-up checks.

GA4 Implementation FAQs

Transitioning to GA4 is essential as it's the new industry standard for Google Analytics. With Yoghurt Digital's expertise, businesses can access cutting-edge analytics features such as real-time data, improved audience building, and more nuanced user journey mapping. Companies need to update to ensure companies get all the actionable insights that could significantly boost their digital strategies and ROI.

Distinctively, GA4 is tailored for the future, adopting an event-centric data collection paradigm. It flourishes with features like tailored reporting, dynamic audience triggers, flexible funnel setups, and a unique approach to data-driven attribution. Additionally, its capability for automated insights offers businesses a more profound, proactive understanding of their data compared to preceding versions.

Yoghurt Digital is poised to offer an all-encompassing suite of GA4 services, including foundational setups, comprehensive audits, and customised training sessions. Catering to beginners and those seeking enhanced GA4 strategies, we are committed to helping businesses extract the maximum benefits from GA4's expansive features.

A GA4 Tag Plan is instrumental as it systematically organises data tracking mechanisms for your website. With its meticulous approach, Yoghurt Digital delineates this plan, instituting the necessary tags and triggers for accurate data capture. Augmenting this, we empower teams with targeted GA4 training, arming them with the competencies for effective, autonomous platform handling.

The data-driven attribution model of GA4 is designed to attribute conversion credits to specific user interactions, like ad engagements or website clicks, elucidating the most impactful traffic sources. The Automated Insights feature, on the other hand, autonomously discerns and surfaces pivotal data trends. Yoghurt Digital's expertise ensures businesses can aptly interpret and employ these insights to refine and bolster their digital strategies.

Yoghurt Digital proudly holds a GA4 certification, a testament to our profound understanding, expertise, and adeptness in leveraging GA4's multifaceted functionalities for business growth.

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