Google Analytics Audits

If your Google Analytics isn't optimised, you're making decisions in the dark. Let us shed some light.

Pinpoint Accuracy

The simple fact is, most Google Analytics accounts aren't set up correctly. We'll audit your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts to make sure you're getting accurate data and measuring what matters.

Make Better Decisions

Cleaner data means better decisions. We'll arm you with all the metrics you need to identify areas of opportunity and put your attention where it'll have the most impact.

Know Your Audience

We'll help you get to know your customers more intimately as you track how they interact with your site. Find out who they are, what they’re doing and how you can reach them more effectively.

Google Analytics Auditing Process


Kick Off

We have a chat to understand more about your business and its requirements.

Google Analytics Auditing Process



We review your GA4 property settings from tracking to integrations, Ensuring all the right things are in place.



A detailed document will be provided with findings and suggested next steps and actions.



We fix the issues found on your approval.



We check the set-up to ensure the data flowing through is accurate.



Once finalised, we take you through the key changes and give the thumbs up for GA4 being accurate.

Google Analytics Audits FAQs

Transitioning to GA4 is essential as it's the new industry standard for Google Analytics. With Yoghurt Digital's expertise, businesses can access cutting-edge analytics features such as real-time data, improved audience building, and more nuanced user journey mapping. Companies need to update to ensure companies get all the actionable insights that could significantly boost their digital strategies and ROI.

GA4 is distinct because of its event-driven architecture. Unlike the session-based approach of previous versions, GA4 focuses on user interactions or 'events,' offering a more detailed look into user behaviour. This enables the creation of custom reports, flexible audience triggers, dynamic funnels, and predictive metrics. Additionally, its machine learning capabilities offer proactive alerts and recommendations, something earlier versions still need to provide.

Yoghurt Digital delivers comprehensive GA4 support, ensuring businesses seamlessly transition without data loss. We assist in the initial setup—adapting to the event-based model, ensuring data privacy compliance, and integrating with other Google services. Furthermore, our in-depth auditing ensures that your GA4 configuration is error-free, while our bespoke training sessions equip your team with the skills to harness GA4's full potential.

A GA4 Tag Plan streamlines and optimises data collection. By categorising and defining the events and interactions you want to track, it ensures that the data you gather is relevant and actionable. Yoghurt Digital customises this plan according to your business goals. For added assurance, we have dedicated GA4 training modules to educate your team on data interpretation, reporting, and strategic application.

Data-driven attribution provides a holistic customer journey view by assigning conversion value to various touchpoints, giving you a better understanding of which marketing efforts truly drive results. Automated Insights, empowered by machine learning, detects anomalies, predicts trends, and offers suggestions. With Yoghurt Digital's interpretation and guidance, these tools translate into actionable strategies, optimising your marketing campaigns for better ROI.

Yoghurt Digital is GA4-certified. This certification is a testament to our in-depth understanding, expertise, and experience with GA4. When you partner with us, you choose a team well-equipped to leverage all the nuances and advanced features GA4 offers, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of digital analytics.

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