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Modelling a new digital customer experience for an iconic fashion retailer

The Challenge

An Australian-born icon in the women’s fast-fashion world, Forever New has grown rapidly to have a global footprint. We were first approached by their team to help re-envision their website experience and to create a design that was reflective of both the direction of the business and the expectations of their customers.

Because this was a part of a broader re-platforming project, there were several core challenges the Forever New team wanted Yoghurt Digital to help them solve:

  1. With multiple project stakeholders representing their various departments, the new website had to address each of their needs and vision without compromising on UX best practices.
  2. They wanted to get a better understanding of how consumers were behaving on their current website to ensure the design of the new site was data-driven and reflective of consumer feedback.
  3. As a part of the re-platform, they had a blank slate from which to choose the features, functionality and integrations they wanted for the new website. Outside of what their needs were as a business, they wanted an understanding of what their customers wanted in this regard.

Our Approach

As is our process with any website re-platform or redesign project, we believe that a customer-centric approach is the only approach. We had a 3-step process to ensure we delivered the best possible result:

Step 1: Deep UX Research

We conducted a combination of quantitative and qualitative research to monitor how consumers were behaving on the website, capture their tone of voice, and understand their pain points and motivations.

Our research methods included analytics modelling, heat mapping, session recordings, pop-up surveys on the website, customer surveys via email, in-person 1-on-1 customer interviews, competitor analysis, user journey mapping and persona profile development.

With such a breadth of data sources to choose from, it allowed us to identify a number of trends and patterns, from which we developed a series of strong hypotheses for testing.

Step 2: Testing & Validation

Before we moved into a formal design process, we wanted to test some new concepts against the existing website design. We ran tests on each of their major page templates: home page, category page, sub-category page, product page, and checkout flow.

We tested new page structures, information architecture, navigation structure, and features and functionality. Of the six tests we ended up running, five of them were winning tests - meaning they generated an uplift of at least 10% at a minimum statistical confidence of 95%. The revenue uplift these tests generated just during the testing period for Forever New paid for all of the research and testing as a part of this project.

Step 3: UX / UI Design

Once we had confirmed the new page layouts through testing and validation, we moved into the visual design stage. Because Forever New is very brand-led as an organisation, we worked with the brand team to integrate our findings and recommended structure with their recently-updated brand guidelines.

We flew our design team down to Melbourne and sat in Forever New’s office with the key stakeholders, going through all of their feedback over the course of 3-4 intensive days. Having our teams work together in such close quarters for a few days allowed us to really understand their brand vision and perfect the visual designs.

As a result of our process and close partnership with the Forever New team on this project, we were able to turn a re-platform project that carries significant risk into a fantastic growth story for an Australian fashion heavyweight.

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