Our Team

We’re a team of data lovers, number crunchers and digital strategists dedicated to driving performance for our clients.

  • Photo of Michael Laps
    Michael Laps Co-Founder & Strategy Director
  • Photo of Ian Fong
    Ian Fong Co-Founder & Director
  • Photo of Matthew Forzan
    Matthew Forzan Co-Founder & Director
  • Photo of Rai Campbell
    Raimundo Campbell Head of Strategy
  • Photo of Bruno Nudelman
    Bruno Nudelman Senior Digital Strategist
  • Photo of Becky Cheseldine
    Becky Cheseldine Head of Biddable
  • Photo of Daniel Rostron
    Daniel Rostron Senior Account Manager
  • Photo of Lucy Applegarth
    Lucy Applegarth Senior Account Manager
  • Photo of Trang Quach
    Trang Quach Senior UX & Conversion Specialist
  • Photo of Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Senior SEO and Content Specialist
  • Photo of Gilad Shabad
    Gilad Shabad Biddable Specialist
  • Photo of Junnan Ma
    Junnan Ma UX/UI Designer
  • Photo of Ayça Ipekcan
    Ayca Ipekcan UX & Conversion Specialist
  • Photo of Joe Alder
    Joe Alder Organic Search Specialist
  • Photo of Chloe Kourganoff
    Chloe Kourganoff SEO & Digital PR Specialist
  • Photo of Matthew Corless
    Matthew Corless Biddable Executive
  • Photo of Lauren Oswald
    Lauren Oswald Biddable Coordinator
  • Photo of Alex Mangona
    Alex Mangona Content Specialist
  • Photo of Danya Mawass
    Danya Mawass Biddable Coordinator
  • Photo of Nicole Ballantyne
    Nicole Ballantyne Digital PR Coordinator
  • Photo of Nick Lam
    Nick Lam UX Designer
  • Photo of Amelia Plewes
    Amelia Plewes Account Executive
  • Photo of Nicole Ng
    Nicole Ng Biddable Specialist
  • Photo of Louie
    Louie Head of Floof

Our Values

We knew that growing our agency would require innovation in everything we do. Without constant and never ending improvement, we'd lose our competitive edge.

Tell It Like It Is

We pride ourselves on our ability to give and receive open, - honest and constructive feedback to anyone, regardless of hierarchy or title.

Make It Happen

We’re solutions-oriented, and we work tirelessly to do what we promised our clients and our team.

Genuine Care for Others

This team is a family, and we look after each other as such.

Level Up

We’re deeply curious and seek to learn more about that which we don’t know.

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