The Safety Blanket They Needed

The beloved Australian brand needed more exposure and sales
We delivered:
451 % increase in conv. rate
1398 % increase in ROI
1008 % increase in revenue

The Project

ergoPouch is an Australian company renowned for the design and manufacture of high quality baby swaddles, sleeping bags and sleep suits, offering a diverse range of fashion forward designs and prints. They pride themselves on being the reliable and trusted innovators of natural, organic sleep products for babies and toddlers. ergoPouch’s mission is to give babies a safe and better night’s sleep - and in style!
ergoPouch had been running a paid search campaign for over four months, and each month they made a considerable loss. The team at ergoPouch knew that PPC was a viable sales channel, but needed help turning things around. We were tasked with reviving ergoPouch’s paid search account and opening a new revenue stream online.

The Result

Getting granular and targeted with the ad creative and bidding strategies was the key to success

Our initial account showed that a complete re-jigging of the account would be required. There was plenty to do, and it was quicker and easier to start from scratch than trying to optimise what was there.

We overhauled the keyword list, broke keywords out into targeted ad groups with more relevant landing pages, optimised bids based on ROI, wrote completely new ad creative and implemented ad creative variations for A/B testing.

By creating a more detailed account structure we were able to optimise on a far more granular level, assigning budgets to areas of the account that were performing best. This lead to an almost immediate impact to the return on investment from this channel.

In the first month we took over, ergoPouch’s PPC campaign went ROI-positive for the first time ever, with a 3:1 ROI. Several months later their ROI had jumped to 8:1 - and all while spending 26% less budget.

"We are thrilled with our paid search campaign results since appointing Yoghurt Digital into the role to manage and execute our activity within this marketing channel. Poorly managed in the past, Yoghurt conducted a full assessment of our previous search campaign's structure and creative, and were quick to provide recommendations and solutions to turn the campaign around, resulting in a strong ROI in the first month of management. The team are very agile and flexible in their approach, implementing new and revised strategies on a regular basis to optimise return and as such we continue to see strong performance levels across this all-important advertising platform."
Tracey Hutson, Head of Marketing