PPC & Biddable Media

Boost traffic and conversions through the targeted power of PPC & Biddable Media. With Yoghurt Digital's expertise and supervision, we turn these platforms into engines of growth for your business. Whether it's Google Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube or more, our strategies are tailored to your unique needs, maximising returns from your biddable campaigns.

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    Paid Media Services

    • Google Ads Campaigns

    • Performance Max (Pmax)

    • Paid Social Campaigns

    • Remarketing Services

    • Affiliate Marketing

    • Audits, Strategies and Forecasting

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    Google Ads Campaigns

    As Google Certified Premier Partners, we have proven expertise in everything from Search Ads to Shopping Ads to the Display Network. As a leading performance max agency, our Google Ads campaigns offer a comprehensive approach that optimises visibility and conversion. Find more about our unique services for Google Shopping Ads and other channels designed to drive your brand's success.

    Performance Max (Pmax)

    Performance Max (Pmax) is Google's unified ad product to enhance automation. We manage Pmax by utilising its cutting-edge features like cross-network reach and smart bidding. Our expertise in Google performance max ensures you stay ahead of the competition, boosting results through innovative strategies.

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    Paid Social Campaigns

    Harness the potential of platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram with our PPC - Social Media Ads. We create ads that resonate with your audience, turning casual viewers into committed customers. Explore our Social Media Advertising services to learn how we can elevate your brand's social presence.

    Remarketing Services

    Stay connected to your potential customers through our tailored remarketing strategies. We help you reengage those interested in your products or services, from Google remarketing to remarketing ads on other platforms. Our remarketing services create opportunities to convert interest into action.

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    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing offers robust engagement and growth opportunities. Explore our Affiliate Marketing Campaign Services to optimise and expand your affiliate partnerships, ensuring maximum ROI.

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    Audits, Strategies and Forecasting

    Seeking a clear perspective on the health of your paid campaigns and a concrete strategy for future growth? At Yoghurt Digital, we’re specialists in evaluating and optimising your biddable campaigns. Our extensive audits dig into the data to identify opportunities and shortcomings, giving you a definitive picture of your performance. Whether your campaign needs a complete overhaul or targeted optimisation, we'll map out a path to success, coupled with insightful performance forecasts that enable confident future planning.

    Unparalleled Expertise in PPC

    Our team of biddable media experts is the cornerstone of our success. With dedication, innovation, and unparalleled expertise in PPC, remarketing, and Performance Max campaigns, we ensure a custom-tailored strategy that aligns with your goals and targets. Want to grow your brand in this constantly evolving advertising landscape?

    Meet Our Biddable Experts

    PPC & Biddable Media FAQs

    Paid media involves actively purchasing advertising space or visibility on channels like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Display Advertising, and YouTube Ads. Earned media refers to organic visibility gained through word-of-mouth, customer reviews, media coverage, or other non-paid means. Owned media refers to properties you control, such as your website, email list, or social media channels.

    PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a form of paid media where advertisers pay per ad click. Biddable media refers to the digital ad space available for auction, with Google Ads and Facebook Ads being notable examples. Here, advertisers bid on specific keywords or behaviours to determine ad placement.

    Performance Max (Pmax) is an innovative approach employing automated bidding across multiple Google networks, leveraging machine learning to optimise conversions. Remarketing in PPC targets users who visited a website without converting, presenting them with ads on different sites to boost the probability of conversion.

    Display ads are graphical advertisements featured on websites within an ad network, typically for brand awareness. In contrast, search ads manifest in search engine results, catering to users seeking specific items or services.

    Harness the power of PPC to drive immediate and consistent traffic to your business. It's not about casting a broad net; it's about laser-focused targeting. At Yoghurt Digital, we optimise your campaigns to ensure every cent spent brings you closer to anyone actively searching for what you offer. Predictable traffic, set by a budget you're comfortable with, and the ability to pivot swiftly if an ad isn't performing as expected—that's the Yoghurt Digital advantage.

    Expect to notice spikes in your traffic almost immediately. But for a holistic view of PPC's potential, especially if you're new to this game, give it about three months. This time allows you to get to grips with search algorithms and for platforms like Google to recognise and reward your brand's value. But with Yoghurt Digital by your side, you're not just playing; you're leading the game. So, why the wait? Let's unleash the power of PPC for your brand. Reach out to our team today, and let's get started.