The Future of Google Search: A Paradigm Shift in User Behaviour

The Future of Google Search- A Paradigm Shift in User Behaviour

As Google integrates generative AI into Search, we find ourselves on the cusp of a transformation that could redefine our online interactions. With a multitude of fresh announcements – SpamBrain, Helpful Content, and an Extra E for EEAT – Google has once again proven its dedication to evolution. Their latest move? Integrating generative AI into […]

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Google Optimize Sunsetting: Navigating the Transition

Google Optimize Sunsetting

If you haven’t already seen the update, Google Optimize will be no more after September 2023. The sunsetting of Google Optimize means that any experiences created on the tool will no longer be active, and it will be necessary to download any historical data. At Yoghurt Digital, we understand the importance of experimentation in driving […]

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What is Google Performance Max?

What is google performance max?

There’s been something brewing at Google HQ which will be of universal interest to search marketers. Google has been working hard on an AI-driven automation solution that introduces a new way of buying ad inventory across Google’s network (Search, Display, YouTube, Discovery, Gmail and Maps) from one single campaign. Enter “Performance Max”. Performance Max is […]

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The Search Summary – April 2021

Another month, another round of updates! This month we focus on big news coming from Google with a pre-announced algorithm change along with some slight updates to their products. Google Search Console Updates Google has been investing heavily into Search Console for the last few years to the point where it’s typically more fine-tuning than […]

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The Search Summary: February 2021

Search engines change all the time – often more than daily – and it can be challenging to keep up with all the changes and the noise that goes with it. What do the changes mean? How will it affect you? Our new monthly Search Summary pieces aim to help answer those questions and more! […]

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