Paid Search

Paid Search, or Pay Per Click (PPC), is the godfather of digital and is unparalleled in terms of driving immediate website traffic and sales. By interplaying with other channels in your marketing mix, it can be used for almost any purpose imaginable - building brand awareness, driving sales, uncovering new opportunities and supporting traditional marketing.

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Paid Search Audits

Interested in getting a second opinion on the health and performance of your current campaign? With goals in mind, we'll deep-dive into your paid search account and provide a detailed roadmap on how you can further improve your campaign to get more bang for your buck. In some cases, it's quicker and easier to rebuild the whole account from scratch rather than go through a heavy optimisation and restructure process. Our audit will provide clarity on your quickest route to a higher return on investment.

Paid Search Setup

Need help setting up an account? Or maybe your account is in need of some serious TLC? After taking the time to understand your target market, your industry and your products, we'll design a customer-centric, ROI-focused campaign. Our point of difference is our commitment to bringing the little details of your company to life - the ones that separate your products and services from those of your competitors.

Paid Search Campaigns

This is our bread and butter. We're kick-ass and not shy about saying so. We'll create and test different ad creative, get targeted with the keyword list and keeping tweaking until we hit the winning combinations that drive conversions. We’ll look at bidding strategies and account structure to make sure there’s no budget wastage. We’ll look at landing pages to ensure high relevancy between the customer’s search and the page they land on. We'll get granular - because that's where growth resides.