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A refreshing opportunity to reinvent user experience

The Challenge

Laser Clinics Australia had two important goals that they wanted to achieve. The first was to generate more business via online bookings and eCommerce sales. The second was to reinvigourate their brand experience.

Laser Clinics Australia engaged Yoghurt Digital to get a better understanding of their customers - their motivations, frustrations, and how they used the Laser Clinics Australia website, and how that could align with the upcoming brand refresh.

Our Approach

Our strategy began with understanding what the low-hanging fruit opportunities were on the website. By utilising both a quantitative and qualitative user research approach, we quickly understood where the opportunities were.

In parallel with the UX research component, Laser Clinics Australia were formulating their branding strategy. By using the voice of the customer that we captured via our research, they could better align where they wanted to go as a business to what their customers also wanted. This gave Laser Clinics Australia the strategic edge in not only being able to delightusers, but also to achieve their business outcomes./p>

Using our learnings, we redesigned their digital experience. Through validation methods such as A/B testing and user testing, we were able to get proof of concept early on in the project to ensure that the launch would succeed.

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