Our data-driven marketing skills and transparent approach to client management help us build genuine relationships with clients and drive real, lasting results. Don't just take our word for it: Read our clients' testimonials below to see what they have to say about working with us.

I have worked with Yoghurt Digital over the past 12 months on a donation journey optimisation project. The team was integral in the UX design and implementation of our donation landing page tests. Their input was invaluable in guiding us on best practise and how to create a memorable but functional journey to improve our donor experience. We faced many roadblocks throughout this project, but the team was always proactive, positive and focused on getting us across the line. I found everyone to be highly professional, diligent and a pleasure to work with.

Kirsty Creese LIfecycle Marketing Manager McGrath Foundation

Our third and most successful Wave campaign with Yoghurt Digital’ is proof of the team’s consistent great work and rigour in performance marketing! Each year, they’re employing learnings from previous, and the results speak for themself.

Joe Robinson Digital Marketing Manager at P&O Cruises Australia P&O Cruises

Three things strike me about working with the team at YD: the organisation, the spirit, and the expertise. Clear, transparent, and consistent filing of reporting documents and resources was welcomed and easy to access for all involved in the CRO and SEO projects we’ve undertaken; Amy is one of the most switched-on and organised Leads I’ve worked with. Eager to learn about our business, Hamish immersed himself in the world of hotels and enthusiastic discussions were the norm during our WIPs; there was a real spirit of conquest that permeated the experiments we conducted. And the expertise, all team members, especially Alex, are clearly confident ‘best-in-class’ operators of the tools needed to achieve the results that we were after, and exuded confidence and experience beyond their years. Matt has curated experts that will look after any business in any industry, well done YD.

Mark Wayper Digital & e-Commerce Marketing Manager Oaks Hotel

Yoghurt are an incredible team to work with. Their willingness to collaborate and understand our customers’ needs has significantly improved the user experience for multiple website and portal projects across our brands. The results speak for themselves, with notable increases in our organic traffic and engagement. Their ability to tailor solutions to our specific requirements has transformed our online presence for the better. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Tara Cullen Group Sales and Marketing Director Modern Dental Pacific

Working with a proactive, data-driven agency such as Yoghurt has allowed us to reach new audiences whilst optimising our media budget to deliver strong results. It has been refreshing to work with an agency that is high-touch and understands both our commercial and responsible business goals.

Bree-Anna Jones Head of Digital bassike

The awesome team at Yoghurt are incredible. Throw any problem at them, and they’ll be able to overcome it in both a creative and data-driven way. Their research is thorough, their designs are on point, and their results speak for themselves. Most importantly, the team are a pleasure to deal with and are genuinely great people.

Bryce Griffith Head of Marketing MONEYME

Yoghurt Digital has been an integral part of our team in not only helping us grow our business but also helping us better understand the landscape of paid digital marketing. Always a pleasure to work with, the team at Yoghurt are always quick, receptive and easy to collaborate with, and most of all - helped us achieve some great and consistent results.

Leo Moscicki Founder of Radical Yes Radical Yes

The Yoghurt Digital team were an absolute pleasure to work alongside. Yoghurt helped us achieve key business goals over two years and are exceptionally knowledgeable in all matters digital. The extra lengths they go to, and just the all-around brilliant people they are, has made our working relationship extremely enjoyable—an honest, reliable and friendly team.

Tahmina Curic Digital Marketing Lead Hireup

It was refreshing to work with industry experts who are passionate about their craft and who stay on top of industry developments/ trends. Daniel and the team at Yoghurt brought a level of professionalism, consumer data intelligence and market insight that was perfectly suited to our business growth plans, allowing us to scale performance and provide users with a better brand experience. With no stone left unturned, Yoghurt simplified growth acquisition with data-fuelled recommendations that truly amplified channel engagement and consideration.

Stuart Halley Head of Digital Redsbaby

Since working with the team at Yoghurt Digital, we’ve seen a strong increase in our organic rankings and overall SEO performance. The team supported us in the early phase of our SEO strategy and this translated to more organic traffic to our website.

Adam Lubofsky CEO Safewill

I've now worked with Yoghurt at three separate brands (Seafolly, M.J. Bale and Tigerlily), and I'm always impressed at their ability to have an immediate impact. Whether it's paid media, CRO or SEO, if results are what you're after, the team at Yoghurt is the one to deliver. That's why they're always my first phone call.

Elle Kuiters Head of Digital & eCommerce Tigerlily

The deals space is highly competitive, so we’re always looking for an edge to make our event bigger and better. If we can make consumers happy, then our advertisers are happy - which is exactly why we engaged Yoghurt Digital. They were able to distill large volumes of consumer behaviour data into digestible, actionable insights for us to implement, which directly led to us having our most successful event yet. I highly recommend using the Yoghurt team for all things conversion optimisation.

Peter Krideras Co-Founder & Director Click Frenzy

The team at Yoghurt Digital are not only experts in their fields, they are also extremely professional, welcoming, transparent and great fun. Transitioning our SEM and SEO to Yoghurt has also been extremely easy. With clear communication between the teams, addressing any questions, concerns or implementing suggested changes has never been easier. Knowing that the directors and the team have such strong connections with Google and other vendors demonstrates that they are clear leaders in the game. We cannot recommend the team at Yoghurt Digital highly enough.

Bree Ferguson Digital Marketing Manager R.M. Williams

We’re really pleased with the work that Yoghurt Digital has done. They’ve got great reporting, a good team, and you feel like you’ve got good access to the key leaders of their company. We really like the Yoghurt process, so I would recommend them as a digital partner in the CRO, SEM and SEO space.

Joel Goodsir Head of Marketing Inspirations Paint

The team at Yoghurt Digital made an impact from the moment we brought them on board. They absorbed enormous amounts of information about our business, then rapidly crafted and executed highly targeted, highly effective strategies across paid search and social that covered much of Asia. The results speak for themselves, but if you're looking for a team that's a genuine partner with true expertise and a willingness to collaborate, then I can't recommend Yoghurt highly enough.

Michael Rose Digital Marketing Manager UNSW Global

Thanks to Yoghurt Digital’s dedicated approach to collaboration, accountability, and quality, our new website is benefiting from significantly more effective SEO with organic traffic in double digit growth. Their data-backed strategy and expertise in site migration have allowed us to build a solid SEO-led technical foundation with impressive increases in both site sessions and sales.

Sophie Turnbull Global Ecommerce & Digital Marketing Manager Jurlique

I've had the pleasure of working with Michael and the team for a couple of years now. SEM has formed a big part of our digital strategies to ensure we're relevant and top-of-mind throughout the entire customer journey to purchase. Yoghurt has, in a short period of time, identified our customer behaviour patterns and used them to drive very strong results across our paid channels.

Chloe Paratore Global Head of Digital Frank Body

I've had the pleasure of working with Yoghurt Digital for the last couple of years. They were instrumental in updating our website and implementing best practice SEM and SEO to drive growth for our business. Their friendly and professional team are flexible enough to adapt quickly to client needs and are a pleasure to work with!

Louise Cummins Marketing & Digital Director H&R Block

From the very outset Michael, Ian and the team at Yoghurt Digital combined their skills and professionalism to deliver optimum results for our business. We are seeing significant ROI from their SEO, SEM and Conversion Optimisation strategies, and the level of experience, dedication and communication we received from Yoghurt set our business up for a complete and effective digital transformation. I couldn’t be happier with our decision to employ their services.

Rachel Tigel eCommerce Manager INIKA

The reality is that a customer’s behaviour as they travel down the sales funnel has a huge impact on your conversions. The Yoghurt Digital team were able to sit down with us and help us better understand our website user’s behaviour. They showed us which tools to use, how to interpret the data and how to leverage this data to perform the right tests. Numbers don't lie, and with a sales increase of 120% in just six short weeks, the support and education we received from the Yoghurt team is truly helping to drive growth for Crucial.

Deb Algeo Marketing Manager Crucial

What makes Yoghurt stand out from other agencies is their seemingly relentless pursuit of data. Our website traffic was growing month-on-month, but revenue remained relatively constant. We knew our user experience needed work, but we didn’t know what our users actually wanted. Yoghurt took the time to step into our customer’s shoes and understand what makes them tick. I was so impressed with the quality of the insights Yoghurt presented to us, and the recommendations we implemented have helped drive growth across all of our digital channels.

Wendy Lin Managing Director Lioness Fashion

I learned a lot from Yoghurt and their team. The 'small agency attention big agency results’ ethos that they bring to their work shines through and is certainly appreciated.

Laurence Savin Marketing Manager Wocket

We’ve used several SEM companies but under the watch of Yoghurt Digital, we enjoyed turnover growth year-on-year. If you’re hard working, keen for results and are willing to take advice then you’ll make progress with Yoghurt. Everyone else in this space is a waste of time and money. If you don't believe me then call me. Michael will give you my number.

Eli Barel General Manager Beds Online

We've been working with Yoghurt for more than 4 years, and over this time they have proven crucial to our digital marketing strategy and business' growth. More recently, the UX research they conducted was a great learning experience for us to understand customer behaviour and to improve their digital experience. They also optimised our Google Ads campaign, and were the first agency we've worked with to deliver excellent results – we highly recommend the Yoghurt Digital team as your digital strategists!

Catalina Rodriguez Marketing Manager AMF Magnetics

We had been cycling through poor digital partner after poor digital partner, before meeting the guys from Yoghurt. We liked their transparent approach and appreciated their hunger to help grow our business. With Yoghurt onboard The Blinds Company has gone from strength to strength. Having direct access to the senior heads of each department is a rarity in this industry and a definitive advantage when needing partners to have intimate knowledge of your business. They’re great at managing client expectations and give confidence as a safe pair of hands. I’d recommend them highly.

Elliott Woolf Director The Blinds Company

We are incredibly happy with the results we have been achieving since engaging Yoghurt Digital. From the outset, the team at Yoghurt have taken a hands-on approach to the overhaul of our paid search campaign which has resulted in rapid improvements to ROI from this channel, allowing us to scale our business in a competitive vertical.

Jonathan Oates eCommerce Manager Converse

Since commencing with Yoghurt Digital a year and a half ago, we have come together as a team that runs on credibility, creativity and transparency. We work with Yoghurt Digital on multiple digital platforms and believe their varied expertise has been the main driver of our online success. We have seen an increase in ROI of over 100% year on year every month under the care of the Yoghurt team. They make us feel like our business is their business in that we are aligned in our goals and together we are willing to put in any effort to ensure the success of Baby Village.

Nathan Pongrass Director Baby Village

We’ve been working with Yoghurt Digital for almost a year now and have been seriously impressed with every aspect of their work. They have unlimited enthusiasm for online search and conversion rate optimisation. I am continually amazed with their work ethic, communication and passion for our account. They are fantastic to work with and have achieved great results in the short time they’ve been working with us.

Grant Tildsley eCommerce & Sales Manager Ted’s Cameras

Since working with Yoghurt Digital, the team have helped us refine our paid search strategy globally and managed our accounts efficiently with great success. The role of SEM in our marketing mix is an important one, and the Yoghurt team has been proactive in aligning SEM with both our product and marketing strategies, as well as customer insights and shopping behaviour. We appreciate Yoghurt being at the forefront of SEM and helping ergoPouch capitalise on the ever-evolving technology in this space.

Amanda Benson Digital Marketing Manager ergoPouch

There are two ways to make decisions: based on what you think you know and based on what’s really happening. Yoghurt Digital ended all discussion about what we thought we knew about how our website was being used and started a real conversation based on reality. Couple that with personal service and a team you can trust – and you’ve got Yoghurt.

Sarah Mathews Marketing & Communications Officer Barnardos

Yogurt Digital are amongst the smartest digital marketing folk in the industry, and I have worked with a fair few in my career. I am so impressed by their attention to detail, their proactive approach and their ability to communicate your digital strategy in any way that suits your business.

Jemma Caprioli Chief Customer Officer Dashing Group

Yoghurt helped rescue our PPC campaigns, getting it back into a really healthy position and we’re currently discussing how they can help support our efforts with CRO. They were great to work with and refreshingly candid.

Gavin Merriman Head of Digital - Global Nude by Nature

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