At Yoghurt Digital, we are passionately committed to accelerating business growth with innovative, data-driven digital marketing strategies. We are thrilled to share that our unwavering pursuit of excellence and staunch dedication to client satisfaction has been recognised with nominations in four categories at the prestigious 2023 Global Search Awards.

The Global Search Awards stand as a testament to groundbreaking digital marketing campaigns around the globe, shedding light on the impact of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Content Marketing. To be shortlisted among the world’s finest is a validation of our steadfast culture of continuous learning and empowerment at Yoghurt Digital.

Global Search Awards Shortlist

Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (SEO): Small

Our innovative campaign with St Frock demonstrated our ability to reverse a loss in organic search visibility and enhance organic search performance. We achieved a 240% YoY increase in first-page keyword growth through tactical on-page and off-page optimisations.

Best Use of Search – Retail / eCommerce (PPC): Small

Our strategic partnership with Strandbags aimed to significantly increase their Year-on-Year revenue and ROAS within a limited budget. With innovative biddable strategies and effective budget management, we accomplished a 99% increase in revenue and a 56% growth in ROAS.

Best Use of Search – Travel / Leisure (SEO): Small

When the COVID-19 pandemic severely affected the travel industry, we worked with P&O Cruises to enhance their organic visibility and boost rankings on high-priority, strategic keywords. P&O Cruises now enjoys its highest organic visibility and traffic, a notable achievement given the intense competition in the Australian market.

Best Use of Content Marketing (SEO): Small

Our successful three-phase content marketing strategy with Steel Builders led to a 78% increase in website traffic within six months. We transformed technical subjects into engaging content by simplifying complex industry jargon for a diverse audience, conducting thorough research for content differentiation, and setting up customised tracking systems to measure key performance indicators.

A Word From Our Team

Seeing our team at Yoghurt Digital acknowledged with nominations at the 2023 Global Search Awards fills me with great pride. It’s a recognition of our expertise in SEO, PPC, and content marketing and a celebration of our transformative work for clients such as St Frock and Steel Builders.

Pioneering our data-driven and innovative approach, driven by data and innovation, it’s immensely gratifying to witness our technical prowess and creative excellence in digital marketing is widely acknowledged across the industry.

These nominations do more than just confirm our past accomplishments – they ignite our ambition for what’s ahead. Bolstered by this recognition, we’re even more dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, refining our strategies, and forging ahead with results that redefine the scope of digital marketing.”

Mathew Forzan, Director of Yoghurt Digital

Being shortlisted for the Global Search Awards is an acknowledgment of our unwavering commitment to delivering transformative digital marketing solutions. This recognition affirms our relentless pursuit of excellence and reinvigorates our mission to redefine the digital marketing landscape through our love affair with data, not opinions.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our brilliant team, whose dedication to continuous growth and upskilling drives our success. Bringing together cutting-edge analysis and full-flavoured personalities is a rare feat. Yet, at Yoghurt Digital, we believe this unique blend births brilliant digital work. Our team possesses the rare capability to understand not only numbers but also the charm and charisma akin to old-school marketers. 

We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to our clients, whose trust and collaboration enable us to craft impactful digital strategies that deliver measurable results.

As we look forward to the Awards night, we remain grounded in the knowledge that this recognition is a significant milestone in our ongoing journey. Guided by our innovative solutions, professional insights, ethical practices, and vibrant love affair with data, we are poised to set new benchmarks in the digital marketing industry.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the Global Search Awards for this honour. While our journey since 2014 has been rewarding, the best is yet to come for Yoghurt Digital. The world of data-driven marketing continues to evolve, and we are more than ready to navigate the course. Watch this space!

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