At Yoghurt Digital, we never want to stop levelling up. It’s one of our core values that helps guide everything we do.

That’s why we recently hosted a ‘Strategist Challenge’ for our team. Think of it like a hackathon, but for marketing minds. The challenge offered participants a number of opportunities:

  • The opportunity to work on their pitching skills;
  • Learn about digital strategies, tactics and channels that they don’t normally work with;
  • Collaborate more closely with members of different teams;
  • Have some fun tackling an interesting challenge for an interesting brand

Our chosen client for the challenge was footwear brand Crocs, a company that champions people-first design, inherent simplicity and imaginative innovation. As well as aligning with their core values, we chose Crocs due to the diverse range of digital opportunities we spotted – plus Becky, our Head of Biddable, is a die-hard fan!


The entire challenge mimicked a real pitch, from receiving a request for proposal (RFP), to having the opportunity to ask a few insightful questions to fuel our strategy, to presenting to the senior leadership team as if they were the client. The goal was to get the team to spend time gaining a deep understanding of Croc’s business landscape, identify fresh and innovative opportunities to increase their market presence in Australia, and help bolster revenue as part of the brand’s continued growth.

This could be achieved by improving alignment from top-of-funnel media investments through to conversion optimisation strategies. Key challenges included navigating creative constraints from Croc’s global HQ, last-click attribution for reporting, and development constraints in the form of costs associated with the Demandware platform.

We split the agency into three teams, each with 4-5 people who signed up for the challenge. Each team consisted of diverse specialities from the three pillars at the agency – Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Content. We encouraged creativity, and the teams came up with their own mock company names, branding and style.

Presentation decks put together by each of the teams.

It was full-service pitch – but with a catch. Participants were not allowed to pitch for the service they specialise in. For example, anyone from our SEO & Content team could only present for the PPC and/or CRO part of the pitch.

Participants had to quickly upskill and learn the ins and outs of another speciality, with the help of their teammates. This was a great opportunity to think on your feet, encourage collaboration, and facilitate more inter-service conversations about digital strategy integration – something that’s a very important part of this agency, particularly as we’re a tight-knit bunch.

As a growing agency, we jump at any chance to learn new skills, test our problem solving, and help each other grow.

The Strategist Challenge was an awesome opportunity to expand our thinking and improve the way we work together. The teams did a fantastic job supporting one another across multiple specialities in order to uncover a wealth of opportunities for Crocs, with great results.

As a reward for weeks of hard work, the winning team won themselves dinner at Nomad, as well as a day off work.

If you like trying new things, and you’re interested in working with an innovative, fast-paced agency that’s on the forefront of emerging strategies, then get in touch with the team at Yoghurt Digital today!

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