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Our goal is to help you become confident and proficient in everything we teach you. We don’t want to just throw information at you, but rather give you the tools to get what you need, when you need it.

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  • google analytics

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    • We'll optimise your Google Analytics account
    • We'll help you setup goals and event tracking
    • We'll show you how the whole system works
    • We'll teach you how to read and analyse the data
  • conversion optimisation

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    • We'll tell you which qualitative tools to use for data collection
    • We'll show you how to properly install and setup each tool
    • We'll teach you how to track your customer's behaviour
    • We'll teach you how to analyse the data and build a strategy
  • search engine optimisation

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    • We'll explain how Google's algorithm works to rank your site
    • We'll walk you through SEO best practices and their importance
    • We'll do a live review and analysis of your website
    • We'll build a list of actionables that'll become your SEO strategy
  • email marketing

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    • We'll show you how to segment your list properly
    • We'll help you map out customer email communication sequences
    • We'll help you set up marketing automation to increase efficiency
    • We'll help you integrate your email marketing and digital strategies

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